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Colorado Cow is a small, family-run dairy farm and processor. We love Cows. We love Colorado. We are dedicated to the highest milk quality in its truest form. For this reason, we only use milk from A2A2 Guernsey cows to make all of our products. Guernsey’s produce rich, creamy, golden milk, unlike any other cow. We use this specialty milk to produce fluid milk, cream, butter, and gelato for you. 


In regards to processing our milk, we use LTLT (low-temperature long time). The milk remains much more nutritious and the natural flavors stay intact. In addition to pasteurization, we have also chosen not to homogenize (breaking up the good fat globules) our milk. Milk cream is lighter than the milk itself; without homogenization, the cream floats to the top. Although customers need to shake their milk, we believe that it is better the way God intended it. 


Colorado Cow understands relationships. We believe that small is good. Our goal is to remain small in order to gain closer relationships with our customers. We also believe that having a small herd means that each cow is important. We want to cater to each cow, giving her the best life she can have because they are more than just a number to us. A small herd means a small workforce. Because we have a small workforce, we know each employee individually. Many of us are family members. The others, we treat as family. Therefore, we can work side by side with our team members and train each of them with the same importance of quality and care.


Colorado Cow is dedicated to Colorado. Our cows are in Colorado, our processing plant is in Colorado, and our hearts belong to Colorado. Our company will not stray from our state. We believe local is better for our consumers and our state. We bring farm-fresh deliciousness to your table. Our customers experience the highest, freshest, top quality products: milk, cream, butter and gelato. 


We hope you enjoy them all!

Guernsey Cow
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